How do I find DNS names - Novell TCP/IP and Microsoft TCP/IP

How do I find DNS names - Novell TCP/IP and Microsoft TCP/IP

Post by Garry Garre » Fri, 30 Jun 1995 04:00:00

We have some users who have novell's TCP/IP stack with Windows 3.1
and some others who have Microsoft's TCP/IP stack with Windows for
Workgroups 3.11.  Now for the latter, they can fill in the domain
name for DNS, and that gets written (I think, help me out here)
in their SYSTEM.INI file under the [DNS] tag as "HostName=name".
I'm not sure how Novell determines your DNS name.

Now I've got a DNS server (I'm our Unix admin) and I'd like the
names it spits out to be in sync.

Is there any way to probe the PCs out there to see what people
have called their machines?  It would be really nice to have
something generic that will work for both Novell and Microsoft,
then I could just go down the list of IP addresses and manipulate
the output into something my DNS tables can use.  At this point
I'll take any suggestions I can get.  

I'd really appreciate e-mail; I have a hard enough time keeping
up with all the Unix newsgroups that are useful to me...

(PS: Let's not all flame about our favorite OSes, okay?)

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