W98 System Fonts?

W98 System Fonts?

Post by m.greetha » Tue, 23 Jan 2001 21:48:39

What are the system fonts that windows 98 requires.

I think I may have deleted some in error.



W98 System Fonts?

Post by Donald Phillips » Tue, 23 Jan 2001 22:39:10

> What are the system fonts that windows 98 requires.
> I think I may have deleted some in error.

You may not need to know what fonts Win98
requires.  Just run SFC.exe = System File Checker
for all system files.


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W98 System Fonts?

Post by Henri Leboeu » Tue, 23 Jan 2001 23:35:58

Try this site.

Fonts supplied with common products
Tables listing fonts supplied with common products. With information about
Microsoft's core fonts for the Web as well as True type fonts.

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Web page: http://www.generation.net/~hleboeuf/index.htm

Quote:> What are the system fonts that windows 98 requires.

> I think I may have deleted some in error.

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1. Funny fonts behaviour moving to W98


This is not a question, just an observation that might help someone

I moved from a 1gig HD with W95 to a 8gig HD with W98. The old HD is
running as a slave so I can move files over as the apps are reinstalled.

I noticed a funny thing with the fonts on the old HD. I had about 300
fonts installed on the old system. As I was installing the apps on the
new HD they added several TT fonts.

When I went to move the old fonts to the fonts directory on the new HD I
had 58 fonts on the new HD.... and only 58 on the old one also. I knew
the font directory behaved differently from the others, so I renamed the
old fonts directory but this didn't do anything.  I then moved the
directory out of the windows directory. That didn't do anything either.

So I went into the fonts folder in the control panel, set it to import
fonts from the old (renamed and moved) font directory, and it picked up
everything that should have been there. And when the fonts were
installed they became visible in the old directory again.

It seems that once a font directory, always a font directory, even when
it is on a slaved HD. And explorer will only show up the installed
fonts, not the whole list of uninstalled fonts.

Then I selected all the old fonts, copied them to a new directory, and
they behaved like normal files again.

Keeping this in mind if you ever change up HD like I did might save you
the hour or two it took me to figure out what was happening.


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