Help wanted !!

Help wanted !!

Post by Kee » Sat, 17 Aug 2002 19:06:15

Hello All!

Your help is very much wanted.
I am not a rooky at Windows, to give you an idea.

This problem is at my home; config is
2 machines with Windws 98 SE on it.
They are connected through a Ethernet crossed cable, using the NETBEUI
protocol (and only that)

Two machine P3 800 and a P233 (Pentium I)

The P233 is having problems:
There are 2 instances of W98SE on it; one version (on the C-disk) has
fewer programs (i use that for 'serious' stuff) has NO problems
The other one (on G-disk) is the one with Internet connection and
other programs.
The P3 800 is the 'master' for the Internet etc (dialup ISDN)

The problems :

at first it started up windows and after playing the welcome sound it
crashed with a "Explorer caused an exception C0000006h in KERNEL32.DLL

I checked everything 'in the book' to resolve that one.
After a new SP2 for IE 5.5. it was cured (sometimes it occurs though)

But now the problem is:

It starts up allright now, BUT:
Whatever i try to start now, it delays for about 3-4 seconds and than
it starts.
If it's contol panel or an application, the same behaviour!

And I am sure it delays for that 3-4 seconds, because there is no
activity at all (no disk, nothing). After that delay the processing
So it looks like it is timing something out or so....

So now the question: HELP ! :-)

Please, your input is very welcome and much appreciated.

I hope my English is clear enough.


Kees (The Netherlands)

email: kees-at-stuurt . nl


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