How to remove Active Directory(Child Domain)

How to remove Active Directory(Child Domain)

Post by Jeffrey E » Tue, 08 Aug 2000 04:00:00

I removed and reinstalled the parent active directory. And now I cannot
remove the child domain active directory using DCPROMO. Is there a way to
remove it witout using DCPROMO. Or do I need to reinstall the OS.

Thanks for anyhelp.


1. No Active Directory Icon (cannot browse active directory)

I have created a share and published it to the active
directory as spelled out in several help documents.  I am
experiencing a problem with a XP Pro client machine with
Netbios disabled.  The client machine is part of the
Windows 2000 server domain and can log in sucessfully.  In
windows explorer the active directory icon does not show
up when double clicking on the "Entire Network" icon.  I
can do a search and find the shared folder in the active
directory so I believe everything is setup correctly.

Is this normal?  I would have thought that I would have
been able to browse published items to the active directoy
even when Netbios was disabled.

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