Seeking Beta Testers for HTMLCon 1.80

Seeking Beta Testers for HTMLCon 1.80

Post by Mike Kelleh » Tue, 04 Apr 1995 04:00:00

We are seeking ten beta testers for the latest version of HTMLCon - HTML
to ASCII conversion utility.  Here are the details:

Program Overview:

HTMLCon converts HTML documents to standard ASCII files for viewing,
editing or printing.  HTMLCon operates under MSDOS or under any program
capable of providing an MSDOS session, such as Windows, WFW, or OS/2.

The Beta Version:

The beta version (1.80) is scheduled for release in late May, 1995.  It
will include the ability to print output files and incorporates a filter
mechanism to handle HTML/HTML+ ENTITIES or other user-defined
substitutions.  Other capabilities are mentioned below.

The beta version will automatically expire on May 31, 1995.  Ten
active beta testers will be provided with a free, registered copy
of the program after it is publically released.

The beta version is named HTMLCO18.ZIP and can be picked up at the site
listed below.  If you are interested in testing this software please pick
up HTMLCO18.ZIP and e-mail us letting us know you have the program up and
running.  Testers will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis
until we have determined that we have ten active users.  Registered users
of HTMLCon will be given priority should they wish to test the beta version.

What's New (latest public version 1.70):

Version 1.7 of HTMLCon has been released.  This version adds more
flexibility in defining conversion tactics and permits processing
multiple input files during a single session.  Options are available
to preserve HREF anchors, eliminate (in total or selectively) any
HTMLCon reference markers, and preserve the original formatting
used by the author of the HTML page.  More flexibility was added in
defining input/output filenames.  Other enhancements and fixes.

About the Program:

HTMLCon recognizes HTML symbology through HTML+ level as of this date.
It will automatically detect HTML files created in either an MSDOS or
UNIX environment and process them correctly.  HTMLCon will attempt to
process the raw HTML file such that the output is as readable as
possible, eliminating unfavorable formatting to every extent practical.
Output may then be viewed, edited or printed as desired with the user's
favorite text editor or viewer, automatically loaded by HTMLCon.  In
addition, HTMLCon allows for automatic modification of the output by
user preferences stated in the HTMLCon control file. HTMLCon can be
operated in an interactive mode or without intervention from the MSDOS
command line.  It can process any length HTML document.

Beta version (HTMLCO18.ZIP) and be picked up here:


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