Unable to join Windows NT 4.0 Server BDC to Windows Server 2003

Unable to join Windows NT 4.0 Server BDC to Windows Server 2003

Post by Rick Kingsla » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 04:40:14


We have checked the security on the DC and disabled most
of the settings for the domain controller.  Still does not

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.


Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>Check the security on the DC.  It almost sounds like the
signing or
>communication encryption is on within the 2003 server so
that the NT BDC
>can't communicate.

>Look for anything in your Default Domain Controller

Policy / Local Policies
Quote:>/ Security Options and look for anything that indicates

Strong Server key or
>message signing.  Unless set properly (I would disable or
set to 'if
>agrees'), NT will not be able to communicate.

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>> Hi Brad,

>> The Win2k3 server is in mixed-mode.  We have also
>> that the Win2k3 server is registering the DNS and WINS
>> records.  (The Win2k3 sees the static ip address of the
>> Win NT BDC.)

>> Could it be that the Win2k3 Enterprise Eval copy (Build
>> 3790) is limited to do this?

>> -man

>> >-----Original Message-----
>> >What mode is your Win2k3 DC in?

>> >Also make sure the WINS 1B and 1C records for the
>> >are set to point at the Win2k3 server.

>> >Also make sure that th Win2K3 server is even
>> >it's DNS and WINS records.

>> >Brad
>> >>-----Original Message-----
>> >>We are running a Windows Server 2003 pilot test
>> >>and have created a Win NT Server 4.0 backup domain
>> >>controller to simulate the mixed-mode environment.

>> >>The new Win Server 2k3 (Enterprise) server has Active
>> >>Directory, DNS, and DHCP services installed and
>> >enabled.
>> >>TCP/IP and WINS are installed was well for the
>> >networking
>> >>services.

>> >>We added a computer name of "NT-SERVER" in the domain
>> >>controller folder.  This is the new name of the Win NT
>> >>Server 4.0 BDC.  The BDC is a fresh install.

>> >>In the final setup of joining the Win NT Server 4.0
>> >to
>> >>the Win Server 2k3 where the domain name and
>> >administrator
>> >>user name & password is entered, the following error
>> >>message appears:

>> >>"Unable to connect to the domain controller for this
>> >>domain. Either the user name or password entered is
>> >>incorrect."

>> >>We has triple checked and verified the administrator
>> >>account & password to join the domain, changed network
>> >>cards, and bypassed the hub with a crossover cable to
>> >>troubleshoot.  But nothing is working.

>> >>Please advise.  Thank you.

>> >>.

>> >.



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