TDM - new version (2.3) !

TDM - new version (2.3) !

Post by Yair Weissma » Thu, 03 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Introducing T.D.M version 2.3
BestWare Ltd. is proud to announce the release of T.D.M. version 2.3.

T.D.M. (Technical Department Manager), in it's first version was
written to replace the manual bookkeeping method of handling the
products returned by customers for service and repair. That version
was orientated mainly towards the technical department of a computer
hardware manufacturer.

Since then TDM has grown beyond the Technical Department and now
includes facilities for the use of the Customer Service Dept.,
Warehouse and Dispatch Dept., Production Dept., Q.A. Dept., Purchasing
Dept., Training Dept., Logistics Dept. and for management as well.
In fact, in designing the versions that followed the first one, we
have adopted a more general approach, so now TDM can be used in
any service, manufacturing and engineering organisation that wants
to implement a quality standard (such as ISO9002, EN29000, BS5750 or
other) or just to improve the way they work.

IN SHORT, TDM is a state-of-the-art sophisticated and powerful (yet
easy to install, learn and use) tool that is essential for
organisations of the types mentioned above.

TDM is written to run on Windows and is multi-user.

Some of the features included in TDM 2.3 are :
- Customers Database (including linked images).
- Warranty Cards and Contract Database.
- Parts and Products Database.
- Service Control Mechanism from the initial call through to final
- Planned Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance are catered
- Comprehensive Stock Control System (including stocktake and forecast
- Long Term Rent Dept. Management.
- Short Term Loan Database (may be used as part of service contract).
- Purchase Orders facility.
- Training Management - for both customers and staff.
- Knowledge Base.
- Production and B.O.M. facilities.
- Each product has its own pick list.
- Items Traceability.
- Quality check list for every item (with log book).
- Test and Measuring Equipment Management.
- Asset Register.
- Vehicles Management.
- Management Statistics and Reports.
- Security facility.
- Up to 30 functions can be activated by the Fn keys.
- Data can be imported/exported from/to other applications.
- Up to 30 external commands can be activated from within TDM.

New features in TDM 2.3 :
- Internet Directory.
- Service Priority in the RMA system.
- Reserved Stock Account in the Stock Control System.
- Warranty extensions and contract profitability analysis.
- Level 2 Check List.
- Sub-Contractors Turnover.
- Unreliable items and Recurring faults between dates.

FTP sites :
TDM 2.3 has been uploaded to Demon's ftp site, CICA, Simtel and GARBO
and we are uploading it to a few more popular archive sites (if you
know of any good ones - we'll be happy to hear from you!). As these
lines are being written, the only confirmed final directories we have
received are: /pub/ibmpc/windows/bestware
and: /SimTel/win3/database (and all other
                                               Simtel's mirror sites).
Due to requests from many evaluators, an evaluation guide (.WRI
format) is distributed with the evaluation version in order to make
your evaluation easier.
And finally... as usual, we are asking both our customers and
evaluators for their wish-list (new/improved features they would like
to see in future versions) in order to help us improve our products
and services.

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