Bookmarks and GPFs, A Solution for Netscape 2.0

Bookmarks and GPFs, A Solution for Netscape 2.0

Post by Gary Lindgr » Thu, 02 May 1996 04:00:00

I have been having a lot of problems with bookmarks and GPF's. Everytime I go
to View Bookmarks or More Bookmarks I would get a GPF. I noticed that the
problem was in the driver for my the display card. I have a STB Powergraph 64
and using 1024 x 768 LF. I tried a couple other settings, but then went to
simple VGA. No more GPFs. Now I can edit bookmarks, I never could do this
before.Good Luck, Can we get Powergraph to update the drivers?
Gary Lindgren
Palo Alto  CA


1. Solution to Netscape 2.0 not saving bookmark file

Netscape 2.0 will not recognize a temporary file directory being a
root directory e.g. C:\ etc. The temporary file directory is used
when the bookmark file is saved. If a TEMP environment varible is
defined and pointing to a root directory when Netscape 2.0 is
installed, Netscape will place this value in the registry but will
fail when it attempts to use the directory. A solution is to create a
non-root temporary file location, for example C:\NETSCAPE\TEMP, and
edit the entry in the options menu. Don't waste your time asking
Netscape technical support. I made numerous requests and they
wouldn't even acknowledge the bug. I also submitted a bug report
during Beta that wasn't even acknowledged, much less acted on.
Microsoft is looking better and better.

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