need code to parse <option> multiple from CGI-Win under VB using WEBSITE

need code to parse <option> multiple from CGI-Win under VB using WEBSITE

Post by Bret » Thu, 18 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I need some code to parse <option> multiple tags
from CGI-Win under VB using WEBSITE.

I don't want to sit around re-creating the wheel.

I was hoping the POST method and
cgi.bas file would handle this, it only
appears to get the firts occurence
selected inthe option list.

Can anyone help me.  Please mail.



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Could anybody that uses Scala MM200, please get in touch to swap info and
scripts, or could anybody point me in the right
direction of where I can look for some demo scripts etc...

Scala MM200 is just excellent, i'am using MM200 to create cd-front menus
for conferences, which I then burn onto cd-rom with
my Yamaha CDR400c firmware 1.d

All the best - hope to hear from you soon...

- Steve -

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