Question RE Borderless Frames

Question RE Borderless Frames

Post by Dave Kel » Sun, 01 Sep 1996 04:00:00

First I'll give the link to my page that I have a question on..

I set this page up to have borderless frames..At least i think i
did..With netscape 3.0 ,on my background colors in options/gen
pref/colors, white is my default color..the background for the URL
above is white..under these parameters, the page looks as I borders. If I change my background color under
options/gen pref/color to, lets say grey..when I access this page
through Netscape 3.0,  I have borders, grey borders.. And when I link
to a different frame the BG colors of the top and left frame change to
grey..  feel free to look at my HTML and if you see something wrong
let me know.. Or is netscape 3.0 the problem.. I always try my pages
in Netscape and IE 3.0 for compatibility, and IE 3.0 reads the
document fine.. I didn't code <noframes> because this page is linked
from a no frames page.. Any help apprieciated!    Dave


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Has anyone noticed problems with NS3.0b6 and setting
frameborder tags to "no"? I'm getting a white space
in of "no border" - didn't have this with b5.
Didn't see any major changes in the release notes.
Anyone care to comment?


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