CD's coming up as Music instead of Data ?

CD's coming up as Music instead of Data ?

Post by sue_but.. » Wed, 01 Nov 2000 03:35:40


My Cdrom drive is playing up.

Since I have installed windows 98, the CDROM is sometimes ! bringing
up "Deluxe Cd player" which is for music cd's rather than just reading
it like a cdrom.

Its not happening to all the cdroms, and the ones with problems are
definately CDROM's not music cd's.

I tried un-installing "Deluxe cd player " but then it just opened them
with another music player.

I have also tried these cd's on another PC and they work fine.
Any IDeas ?



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My CD drive recognizes music CD's just fine, but when I insert a CD with
data on it (like an installation disk for a program) it does not recognize
the disk. Instead I get a message saying: "Please Insert a disk in Drive F"
(F being my CD drive).

I know it can read data, because in playing with it, it did so ONCE. How can
I get it to do so consistently? There must be some setting in XP that
governs this, but I have yet to find it.

Thanks for your help.

Stewart Farnell

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