How to drive win95 crazy

How to drive win95 crazy

Post by Christophe Necail » Thu, 21 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hey, men !

Just open Word, Powerpoint and Excel simultenaously...

Then, in an Excel sheet, make a division by 0 error

That drives WIN95 so crazy, that it burns up the Word, Powerpoint and Excel
windows, before going completely Crazy ...

Too bad ....

(Get a life, user HAM95 !!! )


1. HELP..Win95 is driving me crazy...

I have a major problem concerning win95..
I start by formatting the partition where i want to install win95. I
install the beast and then start installing some applications. And
then it starts happening! Something completely fucks up..

1) after the first sound when entering the graphical surface the
soundcard just is plain dead..
2) the shutdown menu doesn't function properly
        - win95 hangs when i choose shutdown..i get the message
          wait while win 95 is shutting down your system'..i don't get

          to the 'it's safe to shutdown your computer message' anymore
        - when choosing 'restart in msdos mode' the msdos prompt just
                never appears.
        - i cannot access my diskdrive under says the        
          diskette isn't formatted and wants to format it..under dos    
          (not a doswindow) i CAN access the same diskette.

These are all phenomena of the same problem I'm convinced.
I should point out that the device manager doesn't report any
conflicts. I don't think there are IRQ, I/O address problems involved
because the systems appears to be working ok after a first clean
install of win95 without installing any applications. Also
reinstalling win95 over the existing version doesn't solve the
problem. ONLY a format c: and then clean reinstall fixes this but then
the rouble starts all over again.
I think it could help when I would know what exactlly happens when
win95 shuts down and starts up. Does someone know?

I'm not a computer iliterate.

I"M DESPERATE. Please help and send suggestions/solutions by email.


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