Generic printer driver

Generic printer driver

Post by Alberto Sat » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 23:40:19

I have Platform Builder 3.0 and I want to use a dot printer with my CE image
for x86.
My application asks me to select a printer and its port before printing.
There are two printers available: PCL Laser and PCL Inkjet.
I want to use a dot printer, but with any of the previous selected only
garbage is printed.
In the COMMON.REG their driver is declared as pcl.dll
Is there another driver to replace pcl.dll so I can use dot printers ?
Is there any registry modification to solve this ?
Thanks for sharing your knowledge,

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falling apart.  Were now told that the "generic" drivers for either 98 or xp
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their court.  Before upgrading to xppro, are there any differences in the
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