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I am trying to create a eVC project that allows me to configure a car with
all its options.(stereo, color, tires, engine..etc) then when the user
presses enter, the data is stored in a XML file.  Maybe listbox so user can
select but hte final result saved as xml.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated


1. <XML src=""></XML> URL src limitations

I write xml applications with IE 5+.  I am using
databinding with XML data islands.  I would like to see if
anyone knows of a good work-around for the src= URL
limitations.  I need to point the xml to a url that's much
larger than the ~2k limitation.  Is there an xml
dataisland control that allows POST?  It's a shame because
the HTML spec has no limit on the length of a URL, but
WINInet imposes one, thus the XML object cannot have a
long URL.

Please repond via email too.

Any ideas would be appreciated......

Bob Murphy

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