Event of the ScrollBar of a CListCtrl

Event of the ScrollBar of a CListCtrl

Post by Kleberson Lui » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 03:00:18

Hi everbody! I am using eVC++ together to the MFC. I I
have a CListCtrl drawn in my screen, and I would like to
know which messagem I am emitted when the ScrollBar of
this list receives the focus.



1. CListCtrl- multi-column scrollbar vs no scrollbar

I have a CListCtrl set to "List" (i.e not Icon, Small Icon, or
Report).  It is also owner-draw fixed.  If I insert, say 15 items with
short string lengths (10-20 chars) it set up the columns OK and
creates a horizontal scrollbar which can be used the view them.

If I insert one item that's really long (e.g. 150 characters), it
exceeds the with of the control but fails to enable a horizontal
scrollbar.  What do I need to do to get it work?  SetColumnWidth()
seems to have no effect.


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