Listbox not responding on Pocket PC

Listbox not responding on Pocket PC

Post by Kuma » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 03:19:04

Hello Everyone,

While the list box functions as expected on doesnt
respond on my HP Jornada ? any thing I am missing ? like setting focus

Can any one help me understand ?

Thank you,



1. New Pocket PC map-software for Europe on the Pocket PC / PC-Notebook

I picked up the following press release that may be of interest to the
group and specially for travellers to Europe:

"MapViewer for the Palm is now also available for Pocket PC /

MapViewer, is the successful route planning software for the Palm OS
organizers, now available for all countries in Europe. In its new GPS
optimized version, the user cuts himself the maps on the PC and
transfers them to the Palm or on the memory card. This software is now
also available for Pocket PC and PC-Noteboooks. The selected zoom of
the screen turns in accordance to the calculated route with the GPS
signal in the center.

The Pocket PC version is now available for France-Switzerland and
Belgium and for Germany, Switzerland and Austria. As with the Palm OS
Version, the other countries will follow.

 A GPS antenna with USB connector can be directly plugged into the
Notebook. For Pocket PCs GPS for use as pedestrian can be installed.


Palm Computing Center,
1006 Lausanne,

Website of the creator:"


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