DNS setup through c++

DNS setup through c++

Post by cp » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 19:40:58

Hello all,

I have a request for information regarding setting up primary and secondary
DNS via my own software instead of the normal control panel way.

Where and which functionalities/API would I have to use.
As far as my research can tell i have to use ws2, winsock.h and perhaps
iphlpapi modules.

Any backup explaination would be appreciated.

Best Regards
Christian Petersen


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Hi guys ... I am having grief connecting to the web thru Win2k DNS.
This is VERY new to me and at this time i have setup the server and have no
problem loging onto the server with the XP pro ws. Have run thru a couple of
wizards to enable DNS with AD and DHCP is also working fine. Server has IP and XP is given both with
From what i see, ICS wizard is not available on XP coz it is logged onto a
domain and ICS shouldnt be set up on the Server anyway (apparently) due to
DNS and DHCP etc.
So, what might i be doing wrong / need to check setting of; etc etc.
Any help is much appreciated.

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