ANN: CalliGrapher SDK 6.0 for English, French, German and Spanish

ANN: CalliGrapher SDK 6.0 for English, French, German and Spanish

Post by PhatWar » Wed, 27 Feb 2002 03:07:54

PhatWare Corp. today announced the immediate availability of a multilingual
version of the CalliGrapher? 6.0 Software Developers Kit (SDK). Calligrapher
SDK includes the award-winning CalliGrapher handwriting recognition engine
and dictionaries for English, French, German, and Spanish languages.
CalliGrapher SDK is a natural, style, writer and lexicon independent
technology for developers who need to integrate handwriting recognition
technology within their applications. Calligrapher SDK includes the
following components:

* CalliGrapher Natural Handwriting recognition engine DLLs and libraries for
Microsoft Windows CE/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP for English French, German and
Spanish languages (Windows CE DLLs support SH3, SH4, MIPS, StrongARM and x86
* CalliGrapher dictionaries for English, French, German, and Spanish
* An on-screen keyboard with a built-in spell checker DLLs for all languages
* Header files with definitions of API calls and structures, API
documentation in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat formats.
* CalliGrapher ActiveX control that provides COM interface to CalliGrapher
* Source code for sample programs including project files for Microsoft
Visual C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic.

Key features and benefits of the CalliGrapher handwriting recognition

* Reliably recognizes handwriting in English, French, German and Spanish
* Recognizes natural handwritten text in a variety of handwriting styles:
cursive, print and mixed cursive/print.
* Recognizes dictionary words from its main or user-defined dictionary, as
well as non-dictionary words, such as names, numbers and mixed alphanumeric
* Provides automatic segmentation of handwritten text into words and
automatically differentiates between vocabulary and non-vocabulary words,
and between words and arbitrary alphanumeric strings
* Does not require a user to train the software and allows for most users to
achieve high accuracy right "out of the box".

CalliGrapher SDK is now being used by several major technology corporations
and has been incorporated into a variety of industry and sales automation,
healthcare, and general "natural UI" applications for a variety of hardware
and software platforms throughout the United States and Europe.
Award-winning CalliGrapher 6.2 and PenOffice 2.1 products also use the same
recognition engine.
Detailed information about CalliGrapher SDK can be found on PhatWare's web
site at

Availability, and Support

CalliGrapher SDK 6.0 is available in two editions. CalliGrapher SDK Desktop
Edition is designed to support handwriting recognition under Microsoft
Windows 9X/NT/ME/2000/XP and CalliGrapher SDK Windows CE Edition is designed
for Microsoft Windows-powered mobile devices.

Two licensing options are available - a developer and a commercial license.
The Developer license allows developers to install Calligrapher SDK on up to
6 computers and use it to develop handwriting recognition applications. The
Commercial license is royalty-based and allows redistribution of the
handwriting recognition engine, dictionaries, and other binary modules
included with Calligrapher SDK. For detailed information about how to
license CalliGrapher SDK, visit our web site at or send

Full press release can be found at

PhatWare Corp.