IBrowser Not working in PPC2002-help

IBrowser Not working in PPC2002-help

Post by Badrinath Moha » Mon, 14 Jul 2003 10:35:40

Hi Guys
IBrowser and IBrowser2 seems to be not working in PPC2002.
When the Navigate function is called it results in TOTAL CRASH..
Whereas the same code works in PPC2000.
Is this a Bug in PPC2002..
Waiting for ur replies...
Thanks and Regards

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1. MFC ActiveX Control works on PPC not PPC2002

I created an MFC based ActiveX control using evc++ 3.0 and
the Pocket PC SDK.  This control is dialog based and uses
pocket IE as the container.  Works Fine.  I went to
recompile it for the PocketPC 2002 and it doesn't work.  
No error messages....nothing.

I thought there might be a problem in my code, so I
created a project using the wizard targetted at PocketPC
2002.  IE won't launch it either.  In debug mode, I find
that there's an exception in...

        // old-style deactivation

        return S_OK;

Help!!  Has anyone seen this?  Does anyone have a sample
solution that works?

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