Name Space Resolution

Name Space Resolution

Post by Chirat » Sat, 04 Jan 2003 16:51:47

I have implemented the POOM as a standalone application. It worked fine. But
when i was trying to integrate it to our main application it gave an error
because there is a interface in our application which has the same name as
POOM has (Application coclass IPOutlookApp interface).The pimstore.h which
was given doesn't have any name space so what can I do? Help me.

1. Space, Resolution needs for Quicktime video?

I'd like to use Quicktime and QTVR (with MPEG-1) compression). with 3.9
Gigabytes of space and 3 hours of video;

What can the maximum resolution be for the videos? And the quality factor.

I'd like to find a chart or algorithem to calculate the approximate
resolution we can use for the videos.

The distribution medium will be DVD.

Thanks in advance!

Michael J. Day
La Jolla, Ca.

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