play.asx at Hive-based OS CE 4.1

play.asx at Hive-based OS CE 4.1

Post by Susan Loh [MS » Thu, 28 Nov 2002 03:09:38

The type of registry shouldn't be related, but it might be if drivers didn't
get started the same way.  I don't know how to tell you to debug it -- try
checking to see if other .asx's play, perhaps locally, and check to see if
regular web browsing of other http sites works.  I also suggest you look
through the debug output you get during boot to see if there are any
warnings or errors printed as the drivers are started up.

Good luck,


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> Hi..

> I've tested Hive-based registry at CE 4.1 and I've found
> strange thing that when I clicked the
> but the CEPlayer can't play that
> link. The error message is not exact but like this
> "Invalid path"

> But at RAM-based registry OS, it works fine.
> What's wrong? bug?

> TIA.


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