IrCOMM port fails: Error 120

IrCOMM port fails: Error 120

Post by J. Mahe » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 03:04:04

I want to print over the Ir port on a Pocket PC handheld
device.  I tried CreateFile("COM3:",....) and get error
102 on both the Symbol and IPAQ devices.

Anyone konw why?


1. SHCreateMenuBar fails with LE=120="call not impl" when app called from file explorer


I am struggling with a strange bug in either Windows CE or my app (C app).

The app uses SHCreateMenuBar (minimum call, no specials) to create a menu
This is the first thing it does in the main window's WM_CREATE section.

This call fails with Last Error = 120 (call not implemented) when the app is
by tipping on the executable in file explorer.

Previous versions of the app did not have that behaviour, although I am not
aware of
any changes I would have made, and it is the first call anyway.

Did anyone ever have a similar experience?


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