locked resources in resource editor

locked resources in resource editor

Post by James Gaurald » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 07:46:51

occasionally, I open an evc project I made and the resource editor won't let
me edit my dialogs.  (no the files are locked or read-only).  I have to
relaunch evc and fiddle to get it to allow me to move things around or
change text.
anyone know what causes this?



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We just launched a new resource on Microsoft.com\windowsmedia called
"Add-Ins and Resources" today.  This is where you can find 3rd party apps
and cool stuff that includes skins, 3rd party apps and many more resources:


If you have suggestions for other listings, please post them here and I'll
do my best to get them covered.


Sean Alexander
Tech. Product Manager- Windows Media Player
Microsoft Corporation

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