Adding and removing Fonts on CE 3.0

Adding and removing Fonts on CE 3.0

Post by John Daintre » Wed, 08 Jan 2003 01:15:58

Hello All,

We have an application that uses its own fonts. Currently we install these
fonts in the \Windows directory. However, this means that when we attempt to
uninstall the application the font files cannot be deleted, presumably
because they are pre-loaded by the system. We do not want to put the font
files in the application directory because the same fonts are used in our
help files, and so need to be available to peghelp.

How can we delete the font files that are installed in the \Windows
directory? We can do it with a soft restart, but ideally we want to be able
to do the uninstall in one shot.

Thanks in advance.


Adding and removing Fonts on CE 3.0

Post by eMVP » Wed, 08 Jan 2003 02:00:02

Unfortunately, you can't uninstall fonts on the fly as they are opened by
the OS and there isn't any way to force it to let go of them. :-(

Steve Maillet (eMVP)
Entelechy Consulting


Adding and removing Fonts on CE 3.0

Post by John Daintre » Wed, 08 Jan 2003 18:55:30

Thanks Steve, I suspected that was the case.

I can rename the font files when they are in use though, do a soft-restart
and then delete the renamed files.


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