clicking "SYNC button" does not trigger RSC_BEGIN_SYNC_OBJ

clicking "SYNC button" does not trigger RSC_BEGIN_SYNC_OBJ

Post by aminn » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 13:24:38


I've developed an ActiveSync provider and have set my option to
"Synchronize continuously while the device is connected" in the
ActiveSync Sync Mode page.  Each time I dock my device into the
cradle, ActiveSync Manager performs a sync for my mobile device and I
noticed RSC_BEGIN_SYNC_OBJ is triggered from ReportStatus().  However,
if I do another sync by pressing the SYNC button, my mobile device
does not get sync'ed.  The status message displays "Looking for
changes..." and then "synchronized" but RSC_BEGIN_SYNC_OBJ was never

Any idea?

I tried to sync the Avantgo mobile device and it sync'ed both ways so
I must be doing something wrong.  Can someone please shed some light
on it for me?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi there,

Let me describe first the "normal" procedure at OE: Upon finishing to
compose a new email message and by clicking "Send", such message SUPPOSED to
end up FIRST in my Outbox (as set in my OE configuration) and ONLY AFTER
clicking the (2nd) button "Send/Recv", it should finally be transmitted to
its recipient.

But now in...MY case (!), randomly (ie. not every time), the following takes
After pressing the (first) button "Send", such email will be actually
transferred correctly to my Outbox...but will be SIMULTANEOUSLY...TRANSMITTED
straight away to its final destination and at the same time the following
ERROR MESSAGE will be displayed on my screen: "The message could not be
But when I check in my "Sent" trace at all of this specific if it hadn't been yet transmitted out from my PC (!); ie. it still
remains stored in my Outbox.

But of course: Since my setting at OE requires such mail to be stored first
in my Outbox, it's actually fully correct that it still remains in my Outbox
(since I have so far only clicked at the first button "Send"!). So "the only
problem" I have (he, he!!), is the fact that its transmission took already
place..."invisibly at my back" (yaks!!) and by generating this completely
false error message; okay.

Needless to say that I already deleted/renewed my folders "Drafts &
Outbox"...but unfortunately to no avail...

So any valid tips would be now very much appreciated; thank you very much in

Best regards, Philippe.
PS: IE6/OE6 Version 6.00.2900.2180

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