DLL problems under emulator - 'entry point not found'

DLL problems under emulator - 'entry point not found'

Post by Rob Py » Fri, 19 Jan 2001 00:56:58


I recently totally cleaned my PC (re-formatted drive, re-installed Win NT 4
Workstation). Since then I've been unable to compile and run CE code (under
eVC++ 3.0) which previously ran perfectly, and still does on another machine
in the building using the samve .VCW project file and source files. This is
the case *only* when running the Pocket PC emulator (also occurs with CE2.11
PSPC emulator) - real devices work fine. The error is occurring within one
of my own DLLs, which uses MFC collection classes - the project for the DLL
is included within the main project to ensure that the correct build is

The exact error on start-up of any app using the DLL is

'The procedure entry point <name> could not be located in the dynamic link
library inchlib.dll'.

However, .MAP files indicate that the given entry point <name> is available.
Can anyone offer any clues as to what's going on...?? Does MSVC++ 6.0
interfere/clash in any way with eVC++, for instance (e.g. MFC DLL versions)?

Many thanks in advance!

Rob Pym