Licencse Binary Image tool

Licencse Binary Image tool

Post by Dann » Sat, 05 Apr 2003 00:09:52


I have been given the product id for our device and asked to stamp the
binary. But I have two problems with this. Firstly, there is a dialog box in
PB to run the tool. Is there a command line utility I can use to stamp the
image? Secondly this tool stamps the bin file but we use the nb0 file for
our devices. Can I use this tool on the nb0 or do I have to stamp the bin
file and then create the nb0 file from it? If it is the second option, do we
have any command line tools in PB to go from bin to nb0?



1. Licencse Binary Image tool

The only way to put a PID into an image is to use PB to stamp the .bin file
and then use CVRTBIN.EXE to convert the .bin to a .nb0 file.

      C:\release>cvrtbin -r -a image_start -w 32 -l length nk.bin

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