registry problem in EVC

registry problem in EVC

Post by Ka Chun, Chen » Thu, 16 Nov 2000 13:11:38

  my program created a key in \localmachine\drivers\pcmcia for our driver
product. everything seems right as those configuration parameters work fine.
but when we test the software in a newly hard-reseted machine, the machine
can't recognize the pcmcia card. we checked spelling again and again but
found no mistake.

and then we deleted the key in remote registry editor, and re-create it by
hand. bingo it worked.

so the problem is, if we create the key programmatically, it fail. if we
create the key by hand, it work. file comparing registry export *.REG file
found no mistake. is there any special hidden ownership/character set
problem in CE's registry?
Ka Chun, Cheng
REALVision Technology Ltd.


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