Emulator: Cannot find default device

Emulator: Cannot find default device

Post by Chux » Wed, 04 Sep 2002 10:39:37

Out of the blue, when I try to run an eVC4 app in the
emulator I get the message "Cannot find default device.
Please create one from Platform Manager." STANDARDSDK
Emulator is set as my Active Platform. Does anyone know
what could be causing this? Thanks.

1. Wierd problem to run PPC2002 emulator: Cannot locate the default device

I am using PPC2002 and eVC++3.0.

When I compile my software in eVC++3.0 and want to run e,ulator, the system
told me "Error Occured: Cannot locate the default device. Please set a
default device by Platform Manager". The same software worked yesterday and
I did not change the settings of Platform Manager.

Here are some important parameters of Platform Manager Configuration:

Pocket PC 2002 -> Pocket PC 2002 Emulation -> Property

Transport: TCP/IP Transport for Windows CE -> Configure -> Check Connection
Status (checked)   6000 msec interval       Use fixed address:

Startup Server: Emulator Startup Server -> Configure -> Ethernet (Enabled),
Serial Port 1: COM1

Anybody can help? Tthanks in advance.


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