Crippled COleDateTime Format Command

Crippled COleDateTime Format Command

Post by S. Bod » Fri, 19 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I'*m looking for correct descritpion of the COleDateTime Format Command. The
WinCe Help is a Copy of the MSDN Text and as far as I tried only one kind of
command works:
Format(dword dwflags=0,licd lcid=lang_user_default)

COleDateTime time;
time = COleDateTime::GetCurrentTime();
CString temp = time.format(0);

I cannot find any lcid's to use with CE. Even the lcid above gives error
Formatted Strings like _T("%d %b %y") does not work.

Does somebody knows a workaround in order to get a CString with a Format
like this:

18 Nov 99

If MS like to spend the same amount of money and work into programming and
documentation !!! as they spend for addvertising
their products, we will be a step closer to better world :-)