weird IF structure

weird IF structure

Post by Pacma » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 18:53:24

I use eVC 3.0;
the code listed at the end, it is used to receive data
from socket, I get the return message

"Enter here"
"Nothing more"
"Time out"

and eventually it return false

?? weird ??

Any comment ? Thanks
struct timeval t = {sec, 0};
int result, result2;
result = select(0, &set, NULL, NULL, &t);
if (result != 0 && result != SOCKET_ERROR) // 0 -> time out
  if (recv(s, req, 1000, 0) == SOCKET_ERROR)
    return false;
    struct timeval tt = {0, 0};
    AfxMessageBox(L"Enter here");
    result2 = select(0, &set, NULL, NULL, &tt);
    if (result2 != 0 && result2 != SOCKET_ERROR)        
      AfxMessageBox(L"Still available");
    else if (result2 == SOCKET_ERROR)
      AfxMessageBox(L"Socket error");
      AfxMessageBox(L"Nothing more");
    return true;


else if (result == SOCKET_ERROR)
  AfxMessageBox(L"Time out");

return false;

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