Pocket outlook add-ins

Pocket outlook add-ins

Post by Jami » Wed, 13 Mar 2002 03:05:56

Does anyone have any information about porting standard outlook add-ins over
to pocket outlook. It looks very much to me that there is no facility to use
the add-in model (com or other) in Pocket PC.

Pocket outlook add-ins

Post by Michael Fosmire [M » Sat, 16 Mar 2002 02:26:20

Hey Jamie,

I don't know much about Outlook Add-ins, but I would be incredibly surprised if this would work in Pocket Outlook.  About
the only things that are exposed for Pocket Outlook are available from the POOM:

Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM) SDK Download

Please note that if you're using a PocketPC 2002 device, you'll need to look to the device manufacturer for the PocketPC
2002 End User Update 1 before you can use the POOM on this device.


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I am investigating whether it is possible to write an add-in to the Pocket
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possible to write add-ins to extend the menu items and intercept the
incoming and outgoing email messages. I read the POOM (Pocket Outlook Object
Model) document. It says that it's possible to write add-in to extend menu
items only to the Contact, Tasks, and Calendar applications, but the POOM is
dated back to 99. Maybe the new version allows to also extend the Inbox
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