Emulator Problem

Emulator Problem

Post by Chaitanya Belwa » Sat, 30 Nov 2002 04:14:45


I have a small program which reads a database file ( CDB ) and prints the
data using recordset. The code works in my Windows CE 3.0 iPaq but does not
run in the Pocket PC emulator. I get an error "Cannot read from specified
device". Ive tried may things but the program doesnt work with the emulator.
Any ideas ?



1. Emulator Problem : CE boot image could not be loaded for ARM/Xscale


When using the platform builder 4.0 and just making the *smallest* image
kernel), I cannot emulate the image.  I get the error message, Your virtual
may not have enough RAM.  This occurs for any of the ARM BSPs.   So I up
the RAM to 256 Megs, and still I get the same error message.

Is anyone able to emulate a CE ARM image using .net CE 4.0 via the platform


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