Recovering WIN XP boot manager after reformat

Recovering WIN XP boot manager after reformat

Post by beeja » Fri, 16 Nov 2001 14:01:35

You can probably repair the installation to get it back. Try fixboot
mentioned here:
Take a look at this MS KB article, it may help:

Quote:> Hi, I recently install Windows XP Pro on a second partition of my 2nd HD.
> BTW I love Win XP! But then I decided I need a bigger partition for XP and
> instead of buying a copy of Partition Magic 7 I chose to backup all my
> partitions to cd's using Norton Ghost 2002 ( SystemWorks 2002). I took
> special care of backing up the boot.ini file that the XP installed on my
> main partition(C:\ Win 98) and I copied and pasted  it once the partitions
> were reformatted using FDISK.

> BUT, ah there is always a big but, for some reason I seen to have lost the
> boot manager and now I can not boot into Windows XP.

> Do I have to reinstall XP in order to get back by boot manager? Is there
> way around it?

> Any help would be appreciated! As always, this are the fascinating times
> which you have to tell to yourself that,( for all of us), learning is an
> unfinished business. So be it!