USB and Printers

USB and Printers

Post by Rober » Fri, 24 Jan 2003 13:07:52


   Okay this is the problem, might sound easy to you but
it currently has me BAFFLED and Confused.

     Lets just say this, I had the corporate version of
XP, sharing my USB Printer worked fine, now I have
Windows XP Home, now I am unable to share my

Any HELP and I stress Help with this matter would be
greatly appreciated. All I want to do is once again share
my Lexmark Printer with my children, getting tired of
them getting on my PC to do their work, ARRRRG!




1. USB to Printer bridge/USB to parallel port printer cable


I just bought a USB cable to connect my old printer to my laptop...
Normally, this should be very easily to install, but somehow my Windows
XP doesn't recognize the USB parallel bridge cable.. I searched the
internet for an answer, and came up with this:

*For Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Microsoft follows IEEE 1284
Specification to support standard driver bundled in Windows. When you
plug in the USB to Parallel cable, Windows 2000 or XP will
automatically detect the USB to Parallel Bridge cable and will install
the needed driver.*

My laptop says, that there is an unknown unit connected to the
computer. Where do I get the driver from??? A CD came along with the
cable, where supposely the driver info should be on. But when the
computer searches the CD for driver info, it doesn't find anything.

please HELP! thanks



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