Explorer.exe crash when accessing Shared Documents folder in XP

Explorer.exe crash when accessing Shared Documents folder in XP

Post by Rick DePries » Mon, 16 Sep 2002 06:21:38

When My Computer or any other program tries to open the
Shared Documents Folder, it causes hangs and crashes.  
Sometimes an error message appears, Explorer.exe tried to
reference memory at *ADDR* the memory could not
be "written"  (Sometimes "read").  I can't find this on
the Micrososft Knowledge base. Please help!!!

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I just discovered that I have two folders with the same documents and pictures in them. One of the folders is the My Documents Folder that I use all of the time. Then I just found another one in the Shared Documents area in My Computer.

Is this a normal occurrence? Are these folders sharing the same information to be accessed in two different ways?

Or, are these folders storing this information in two separate files and are they being duplicated?

I am curious how a computer operating system works and how these duplicate folders function.

Thanks in advance for comments and your help in understanding how my XP OS works and stores information.


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