Thinkpad A21M Windows XP Home upgrade gone bad....

Thinkpad A21M Windows XP Home upgrade gone bad....

Post by dean.. » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 21:37:49

Apologies for crossposting: but I think there are both IBM and Windows
XP issues in play here....

Thinkpad A21M, PIII, 64MB RAM, Windows 98 SE.

First, upgraded RAM to 512MB with no problem.

Then went through the upgrade to XP process (according to IBM's
instructions here:

First: Apparently (and unknown to me) the BIOS update (from version 1.0
to 1.08) recommended by IBM did not accept the new version. In reviewing
the instructions --which were not especially well written-- I have some
lingering concerns about trying to do this now that XP is installed.


There are 2 major and 2 minor issues following the XP home install.

Major (1):
The machine does not recognize the floppy drive upon start up. It will
recognize and properly label the floppy as drive "A" through the device
manager by going through a driver update routine. But the floppy is
missing from "My Computer" after each power down. I'm reluctant to try a
retroactive BIOS update without knowing the machine will recognize a
floppy at start-up.
Advice on how to have the machine recognize the floppy permanently, and
or doing the BIOS update from the "C" drive is appreciated.

Major (2)
Connecting an external (USB) SmartMedia card reader results in complete
system freeze (even after installing the manfacturer's XP drivers).
Suggestions welcomed.

Minor (1)
After the XP install, the machine would not launch Office Professional
Edition (version 9.0), which was an old corporate liscence from the
owner's (my uncle) previous employer. We removed it via the add/remove
programs function, and installed his personal version of the same
program (version 9.0.3).
--For Excel only (?!), when an Excel document is opened, warnings that
"add-ins are not supported" etc etc appear along with an invitation to
install appear. Cancelling these out will result in Excel then running
normally...but with old corporate version number.

Probably related to this are an invitation to intall Office features
from the 2 CD's at each start up.

Exploring the registry  reveals two instances of Excel.

I'm considering removing Office again, then editing the registry to
delete all Office/Excel software keys, and then re-installing. Any
thoughts on this appreciated.

Minor (2)
Also residue from an earlier life as a corporate machine is a start-up
login prompt. We can click through it, but we'd really like to eliminate

I've upgrade multiple desktops to XP without a problem.....but I'm never
going to mess with another laptop...they are too mysterious:-)


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