DVD/CD Autostart/Detection - Update

DVD/CD Autostart/Detection - Update

Post by Chris Drak » Thu, 08 Apr 2004 19:57:42

It seems a lot of folk experience autostart failure under
XPSP1.  MS talks that a fix is available upon request, but
is not user downloadable.  So far, I have discovered:

1.  If I disable my Ethernet connection and re-start then
autostart works correctly.
2.  If I subsequently restart the Ethernet I still retain
3.  If I warm re-boot I retain autostart.
4.  However, from a cold boot, Ethernet enabled, I lose

So, I must conclude that there is some sort of issue with
one of the Ethernet/LAN related services, but I really
don’t know where to start with disabling them to check
which one is the culprit.

I have already disabled windows time service, and it's not
this.  Event viewer reflects no conflicts or failed

Can anyone contribute to resolving this persistent