I cannot format any discs

I cannot format any discs

Post by Olly » Thu, 14 Mar 2002 02:44:42

Does anybody know why I cannot format any removable discs?
I have tried to format a floppy and a zip, but it tells me
"windows cannot format this drive. Quit any disc utilities
or other programs that are using this drive, and make sure
that no window is displaying the contents of the drive.
Then try reformatting."

I dont think that i have anything running


1. Floppy disks becomes RAW data format when writing on disk (format, saving, etc.)

I need an answer in my never-ending question..

Every time I access my floppy disks especially when I
format them, the next time format says that the floppy
disk's data format is RAW. Then it will try to convert it
back to FAT. If it fails, which always happens, then it
will tell Tracj 0 or bad - disk unusable, even if the
disk is just newly bought.

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