can't on-line game properly with xp

can't on-line game properly with xp

Post by ray.crockfor » Wed, 06 Mar 2002 11:51:02

Hi i have and imedia 5106
p4 1.5g
256m RAM
gefore 2 mmx 400 graphics card
aztech modem
heres my problem i can connect to rtcw ok but once i am on i get connection
inturupted errors every 3 or so min, i have been told that it is a firewall
problem, but i have switched firewall off in config as well as network
connections and still no joy. also i cant play any media on-line ie film and
games traliers, this is driving me insane can anybody help?if so then e-mail

i would be so grateful thankyou

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I've replaced the video card, checked the display settings
and surfed microsofts knowledge base, with no evail. I
also installed AOL to see if it was browser specific, AOL
has the same bad results.  
Please help!

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