Disabling "SytemRestore", does not free disk space.

Disabling "SytemRestore", does not free disk space.

Post by ay.ha » Mon, 04 Feb 2002 10:27:52

 I use GHOST to backup  HD on CD-RW's
 for disaster recovery reason.

    To minimize the number of CD's needed
    i disable SytemRestore  before taking backups.

    But it seems that disabling SystemRestore
    does not have any reducing effect on the
    amount of data  to be backed up.

    Ok. i can always to go  into "System Restore" settings and
    pull  the slide down for each partition before taking backups
    then restore settings back after the backup is complete?
    But i forget to do so when if things are hectic.

 Is it possible to  (hmm..) somehow change the way it works,
 (=setting size to 0 set contents to bin zeroes or null when disabled)

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