Network between Win XP Professional and Win2K Professional

Network between Win XP Professional and Win2K Professional

Post by Steve Winogra » Fri, 04 Jan 2002 15:27:27

>Problem: Windows 2K Professional computer cannot see
>Windows XP Professional computer in a home network using
>DSL router. But Windows XP Pro can see and access Windows
>2K Pro folders and files.
>Windows 2K Pro is a notebook setup as domain at work
>Windows XP Pro is a home desktop setup as workgroup.

>How can I setup so that Win2K can access share folders
>and files from Windows XP Pro computer when using the
>Windows 2K  notebook at home.

The problem could be domain vs. workgroup.  At home, configure Win2K
as a member of the same workgroup as XP.  Here's a program that lets
you define and store multiple network configurations and switch
between them easily:

Use the same protocol for file sharing on both computers.  If the
network has more than one protocol, un-bind sharing from all but one
of them.  Make sure that NetBIOS is enabled on the selected protocol.

Set up the same user accounts, with the same passwords, on the two

Disable XP's Internet Connection Firewall on the local area network

If a computer doesn't appear in My Network Places, try searching for
it by right-clicking My Network Places.
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