can you clone a dynamic disk?

can you clone a dynamic disk?

Post by Poede » Sun, 14 Jul 2002 19:54:52


I'm wondering if I can clone my dynamic disk (with Ghost or something) to
another dynamic disk? How to do this? Ghost doesn't see my disks when I boot
with an Win98 bootflop... Two partitions are NTFS, one FAT32. Who knows?!



1. Cloning an new larger disk with Ghost to replace existing system disk

If any one has upgraded to a larger hard disk using Norton Ghost 2003 I would be grateful for some guidance. [I have done this with Drive Image before but that is not compatible with Windows XP + SP1]

Can I hook the new disk on as a slave and then clone from Windows and subsequently set the new disk to master and replace the old disk with it? Or do I have to do it in DOS using Ghost.exe from a boot disk.

[Strangely the Ghost manual does not cover this procedure]

John Butler

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