hard drive replacement

hard drive replacement

Post by BobS » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:50:24

Quote:>I received a new maxtor hard drive. I disconnected a data drive and
> the new drive to the cable it to check it out. When i booted up, the new
> drive came up in place of my data drive but had only a recycle folders and
> some files with boxes as names.  When I reconnected my data drive, voila!
> same thing! I tried updating drivers, but the drivers were OK.  I got
> error
> 9's in my event log for atapi. how can i get my data back?


Some more info would be nice.

1. Is the drive a SATA (serial) or a PATA (parallel interface) with a 40/80
pin cable connecting it or a USB drive?
2. If it was a PATA did you set the jumper for Master, Slave or CS (Cable
3. If the drive was new, did you run FDISK on the drive and then format the

If you had a recycle folder in it after just installing it, something had to
partition and format the drive before windows will recognize it otherwise it
may not have been new - maybe a returned drive?  Some drives (Maxtor in
particular) have had problems with certain motherboards and controllers.

If you're seeing odd characters for filenames now on your "original" drive -
don't do anything to it.  Recheck your cables and the jumper to be sure they
are ok.  If they are it could be you have a bad cable now and yes they do go
bad - especially when they're pulled on when being removed.  I would try
another cable before doing anything drastic.

Scrambled filenames most usually is due to corruption but I've seen this
because of a bad cable and the files were actually fine after changing the
cable.  So don't be to quick on doing anything to your original drive yet -
change the cable and be sure it's a master (or CS) if it's the only hd on
the cable.  So computers (like Dell's for example) use CS for the drive

Bob S.


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