The "Owner's Documents" folder under the "Default User" folder

The "Owner's Documents" folder under the "Default User" folder

Post by Ryan Cabana » Sat, 02 Mar 2002 17:12:33


I have a question about the "Owner's Documents" folder under the "Default
Users" folder in "Documents and Settings".  Is this folder tied to the
"Owner's" folder in any way?  If the "Owner's" folder is deleted, can this
folder be deleted as well?  And why is this folder here under "Default
Users" anyway?  Shouldn't the owner's folder be an administrative folder and
placed in a folder other than Default User?  Thanks for all the help.  I
know...too many questions.

Ryan Cabanas


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I want to change the names of the system folders "All users" and "Owner"
under the Documents folder. "All users" is denied renaming. "Owner" is
possible to rename, but after a while, a new folder called "Owner" shows up
and works as the default folder for documents like before the renaming of
the first folder.

Is there any way I can sucessfully change the names of these two folders and
keep them as the default folders?

Any help will be much appreciated.


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