Counter Stike random lock-ups

Counter Stike random lock-ups

Post by Robbi » Sat, 17 Nov 2001 10:18:00

I play PODbot in Counter-strike so if you play CS then you probably know
what I'm talking about.

It will lock-up after playing smoothly for a while.  Just out of the blue.
It started doing this when I installed XP.

Any ideas?  I know this is a vague description but it is just as much a
mystery to me as well.

Any advice?



1. Random Hang ups (not lock ups)

I've asked about this before, but nothing seems to work.  
Windows XP seems to just ignore any keyboard or mouse
inputs for say 15 to 30 seconds at a time just randomly
through normal operating.  The weird thing is I've had
many people ask me about this problem, we have about 10
machines running XP at work, and all three of my machines
at home run XP, they do the same thing.  I've tried
disabeling restore points, this doesn't help.  anye other
ideas?  does anyone else expierence this problem?

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