need help installing paperport 3100b

need help installing paperport 3100b

Post by jim smit » Tue, 07 May 2002 00:29:22

I bouthgt a new computer and it has windows xp istalled
but my scanner and printer are the o;ld window 98 soft
wear my printers works now but I can't seem to find soft
wear for the scanner

1. Paperport 3100b Scanner

I have a paperport 3100b scanner which works great in my
child's computer which uses windows ME, and worked on my
computer when I initially purchased it with Win Me.  I
updated the bios and added Win XP, now this scanner is
incompatiable with this computer.  Microsoft, HP,
Visioneer and Paperport were all equally useless.  Any
help out there.  Thanks....Please also respond to my email

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