Sony Digital Camera w/ Windows XP Issue -- Please Help!!

Sony Digital Camera w/ Windows XP Issue -- Please Help!!

Post by G-Ma » Thu, 03 Apr 2003 09:49:55

To All,

I have a Sony *shot DSC-P5 Digital Camera that uses a Memory Stick.  I
connected it to my computer -- running Windows XP Home (upgraded from ME) --
via USB cable two years ago and it has worked like a champ every since.  The
camera was immediately recognized and the Microsoft Scanner and Camera
Wizard was immediately launched asking me what I wanted to do with my
pictures (all as advertised in the directions).  Perfect.  Until I just got
my new computer (also with XP Home -- clean install).  The camera is
recognized as before...but the wizard never launches.  Now, I can still
access the pictures and do what I need to do, but the wizard was extremely
convenient...especially for some of my family members who use the camera a
lot.  Here's some of the several things I've done...e-mailed and chatted
with Sony tech support to no avail...was even told that my camera wasn't
supposed to do some of the things it has been doing just fine for the last 2
plus years.  I've tried manually manipulating the Autoplay settings when the
camera was connected to no avail.  I've compared driver dates between old
and new computers to no avail.  I'm just about ready to acquiesce and start
using workarounds...which is possible but I will really miss the
convenience...especially when I can take the camera to my old computer and
it will work just as advertised.  I'm not sure if this is a Windows XP
problem or a Sony camera problem...though I tend to believe it may be an XP
issue.  Also, I did read someplace (and unfortunately didn't save the site)
that there is a "rare" occurrence that a Memory Stick, when first connected
to a computer with a fresh install of XP, will not automatically launch the
wizard due to something not getting registered in the registry but on
subsequent connections will work as advertised...not for me though!  ThAny
thoughts, suggestions, or comments would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in


Bobby G.


Sony Digital Camera w/ Windows XP Issue -- Please Help!!

Post by javacatREMOVET.. » Fri, 04 Apr 2003 03:27:56

open control panel | scanners and cameras, select your camera and
right-click properties.

in that dialog, there is an actions section, choose the "start this
program" radio button and choose "scanner and camera wizard" from the
drop down list.


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When I logon as a user who is part of the local
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respond via email.  Thank you!!

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