Why does Windows Installer try to run ...

Why does Windows Installer try to run ...

Post by Bruce Garloc » Thu, 17 Apr 2003 09:04:42

Why does Windows Installer try to run everytime one of my "Limited Users"
logs on to my XP pro machine?  I am the administrator and this never happens
for me.  But each time my sons Brian or Allan log on a window pops up,
identifying itself as Windows Installer and it begins to 'install?' Word
Perfect Office 2002 Professional.  At least that is what it says it is
doing.  After approximately 30-40 sec, an error message window pops up with
the following message:

Error 1706:     No valid source code could be found for Word Perfect Office
2002 Professional.  The Windows installer cannot continue.

What is going on?  I don't know why it would even TRY to install something
that I installed a few weeks ago and works fine.  Can you help me stop this
annoying activity?  If I click "cancel" early on in the process it aborts
without any adverse side effects.  If I wait for the cycle to play itself
out and then click "ok" at the end, there seems to be no adverse side
effects then either.

Ideas Please.  Thanks,  Bruce


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