Strange Office '97 error message

Strange Office '97 error message

Post by CarlV » Sat, 18 Jan 2003 19:29:22

I installed Office '97 on my XP machine.  When I open a Word or Excel
file by double clicking on the file name, when the application is not
already running, the application opens, the file is loaded, but 1 second
later an error message  is creates saying "file is being used by Carl.
Do you want to make a copy?"

If I cancel the error message everything works fine.  In addition, if I
open another file, while the application is running, there is no error

Therefore, this is not a serious problem.  However, it is anoying.

Any ideas???


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if I open Word first and then open the file from within Word itself, I do
not get this message, any ideas?  Is it a compatibility thing?  If so I have
tried running the various compatibility settings on Windows XP, but to no

Any ideas at all?

Thanks in advance.


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